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At K8 we deliver expertise across product, service and interaction design. We take pride in following the design process from the initial ‘back-of-a-napkin-sketch’ through to concept development, detailing and production of the final product.

Setup, planning and workshop





Marketing, follow up and planned adjustments

Our process and the activities we do are captured into four separate phases – explore, create, refine and implement 


Gaining a clear insight into the project, the service and the system. Understanding the market, its users, and possibilities that lie ahead. Creating a vision of the project and finding a consensus with the client. Setting a framework for the intended work.

Design research / analysis activities:

  • Kickoff workshop

  • User research

  • user journey mapping

  • market and competitor research

  • investigation into existing technologies

  • defining functionalites

  • moodboarding

  • setting up evaluation criteria,

  • defining product/service/UXUI requirements


Exploring possibilities within the design brief. Creating vivid ideas and functional concepts for user experience. Testing and evaluating mock-ups, models and selecting the most desirable concept design.

Concept development activities:

  • Idea sketching

  • Concept generation

  • Evaluation of concepts and ideas

  • Iterative prototyping (3D printing, laser, milling, casting)

Testing activities:

  • SWOT analysis

  • Concept verification (with users)

  • Concept selection

  • Requirements review


Further improving on the concept while considering aesthetics, functionality, user experience and manufacturing. Exploring production technologies and detailing material, colour and finish.    

Detailing activities:

  • CAD detailing (Solidworks, Fusion 360)

  • CMF (Colour, Material, Finish)

  • Material research

  • Production process research

  • DfM (Design for Manufacture)

  • In-depth evaluation


Further research and evaluation of production partners. Preparing test series for evaluation. Setting up a production plan, further user testing and market entry. Following up production.

Product realisation activities:

  • Identify production partner(s) or developers

  • Handover documents (technical drawings, design guides, assets etc.)

  • Production partner evaluation

  • Tooling and production follow-up

  • FOT (First Out of Tool) evaluation

  • Quality Control documentation

Packaging / Marketing activities:

  • Instructions for use / User manual

  • Packaging design

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