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We work together with our clients through the whole design process, or just where needed.

Designers working - k8industridesign


Gaining a clear insight into the project, service and system. Understanding the market, its users, and possibilities that lie ahead. Creating a vision of the project and finding a consensus with the client. Setting a framework for the intended work.

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Exploring possibilities within the design brief. Creating vivid ideas and functional concepts for user experience. Testing and evaluating mock-ups, models and selecting the most desirable concept design.

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Further improving on the concept while considering aesthetics, functionality, user experience and manufacturing. Exploring production technologies and detailing material, colour and finish.    


Further research and selection of production partners. Preparing test series for evaluation. Setting up a production plan, further user testing and market entry. Following up production.

Medical innovation process

We tailor medical design projects to comply with the regulatory needs found in medical product development. We provide a range of services for your medical product design; from detailed concepts and evaluation of principles, to labels and instructions for use. We can also aid in the regulatory activities through our network of medical consultants.

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