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We are Fearless


The urge to be bold – especially when facing resistance. Our first core value is a reminder for us to never give in when new challenges arise. Fearlessness represents our passion for making valuable products. 


The ability to explore – in search of better and more enjoyable solutions. Our second core value adresses the need for a methodology. Together with fearless passion, we need creative tools to learn and develop our ideas.


Accepting our responsibility as designers to help and improve. At the core we are concerned with what we make. Our third core value reflects the need for a rigorous approach. To be fearless and playful gives us motive – but we need responsibility to see us through to create real value.

We are

Industrial designers, engineers, user experience aficionados and business developers. Together we form the K8 design consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. We aim to create smart solutions improving life, work and society. This is what makes us both fearless, playful and responsible


Since 1998, K8 has provided design expertise in numerous contexts. From the early work with Stokke baby strollers which redefined urban child care, to the SunBell smart lamp and phone charger which gives lighting to millions of families in need. Today, K8 covers a wide range of services. We guide our clients through the complexities of developing their physical products, to implementing them on digital platforms. 


At K8, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) informs our design process greatly. We have a responsibility for developing sustainable products on many levels. We strive to 'ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns' by making products which endure long-term use [SDG goal 12]. We care not only for the quality of manufacturing, but also the ways and conditions in which they are made [SDG goal 9].


We work with many different clients and projects – from small startups to large corporations. The projects we do are diverse, and we cherish every opportunity we have to make life easier for our clients. Have a look at some of the clients we work with!


We are proud of the awards the projects we have worked on have received.

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