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K8 Privacy Policy

In this privacy notice, you’ll find information about which personal data is collected, why it is collected, what it is used for and which lawful basis we rely on to process those data. Furthermore, you will find information on how to contact us and exercise your rights.

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1. Accountability and contact details

K8 Industridesign acts as a data controller when processing your data for its purposes and needs.

When carrying out user-insight projects, K8 Industridesign may act as a joint data controller with the client ordering the innovation project or as a data processor. See below section 4 for more information on insight projects.

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Personal data

2. What personal data do we process and why?

K8 Industridesign is required to process personal data to conduct its business activities, answer inquiries, and maintain or create new business relationships.

We process personal data such as name, email, role, and telephone number about prospective clients, to follow up on leads and establish new business connections. This is done under our legitimate commercial interests and in preparation for entering new contracts.

We process personal data about existing customers such as contact details to our contact point within the company, to administer our relationship, perform billing, answer inquiries, and provide assistance. This is done under our need to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations, such as those connected to taxes and bookkeeping.

We process personal data to obtain insight into specific subjects. These insights are gained by sending questionnaires to a particular target group or interviewing the insight subjects. The personal data and the precise processing activities to be performed are dependent on the scope and subject of the project. We rely on explicit consent from the insight subjects for collecting and processing that data.

We process personal data such as CV, professional references, and contact information if you’ve applied for a job with us. This is done in our legitimate interest to assess your competence and fulfill our business needs.

In these situations, your personal data is provided to us by you directly.


Indirectly collected data

3. Personal data that is not collected directly from you

We may receive personal data about you indirectly if:

We have contacted your organization, and your organization provides us with your contact in its response. This is done in our legitimate interest to obtain information or establish a relationship with your organization.

A company you are a customer, member or employee of provides us with your contact information so that we may contact you within the scope of an insight project we are conducting for them or for a third party they have an agreement or relationship with. Those companies, entities, and organizations are themselves responsible for having a valid lawful basis for collecting your personal data and providing us with your contact information.

User insight

4. User-insight projects

K8 Industridesign provides its clients with research and insight into certain user groups or subjects, including the health industry. As a result, personal data provided willingly by an insight interviewee will vary according to the particular project and may include so-called "special categories" of data such as personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, health or sex life history, sexual orientation, trade union membership or criminal history. This specific category data receive additional protection under the law, and K8 Industridesign has implemented a secure process to ensure its proper handling and deletion.

While a project is ongoing, we secure your personal data by pseudonymizing it. This means we use an identifier such as "Interviewee #1" to refer to you rather than a personal trait like your name, age or telephone number. Once we have gathered sufficient insights, we aggregate your responses along with other project participants so that no single person may be identified by delivering our results to our customers. Once the project has been completed and the aggregated results produced, the material gathered from your participation (including any photos, audio recordings, or other personal data) is promptly deleted or fully anonymized. In cases where our customers solely determine the purpose, scope, and focus group of a project, K8 Industridesign acts as a data processor. In these cases, our customer provides us with your contact information and remains responsible for the lawfulness of the purpose and legal basis for processing. For more information on how such a customer processes your data and how you may exercise your data subject rights, please contact the customer directly or, if you prefer, contact us as described below and we will notify them.

In cases where K8 Industridesign collaborates with a customer to jointly determine the project focus group and/or locates participants themselves, we act as a joint data controller with our customer. In these cases, you will find information in this privacy notice about how your personal data is processed and how to exercise your data subject rights.

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