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Zimmer and Peacock OmniSense


Zimmer and Peacock

Chemical fingerprinting for winemakers

Starting as a DIP-project K8 worked together with Zimmer and Peacock (ZP) to investigate new use areas and markets for their cutting edge electrochemical technology. The small screen printed electrodes (SPE) typically used as glucose monitoring for diabetics, is used to detect and measure strength of a specific analyte in a liquid.

Using ZP's existing device and sensor set up as a starting point, K8 carried out a workflow analysis on the current sampling method, gaining an understanding of the limitations and potential for development. Through interviews within different market sectors and research into availability of similar testing equipment, the focus for a new product was eventually narrowed down to the wine market. The research exposed a need for efficient and precise sampling offered at a lower price point; reducing the reliance on external labs which are costly, require large sample volumes, and can have a lead time of several days.

Following this, a first iteration of the OmniSense device was prototyped, creating a form factor, user interface and workflow for both countertop and 'on-the-go' sampling and measuring. In parallel, ZP were able to start developing their multi-sample sensor technology to meet the demands of the product and new use case.

The OmniSense device offers flexibility to small and larger scale producers, giving them the power of precise and efficient sampling in their own pocket-lab. Considering the increasing pressure put on producers with changing climates, the ability to plan ahead and take action quickly through gathering data in the field is more vital than ever. The DIP project later lead to establishing ZP Eagle AS and the WineSense system for winemakers around the world. K8 invest AS is a co-founder of ZP Eagle AS, and is a key development partner for the WineSense system.


Sensor device for winemakers

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