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Stokke Xplory



Challenging the ordinary

In 2000, Stokke invited designers from all over Europe to participate in a competition to generate concepts for ''transporting toddlers in cities''. K8 won the competition with the Xplory concept. The innovative concept moved away from the typical stroller frame construction, resulting in a more upright central console which facilitates all the desired functions.

The concept has been designed with features specific to city living, the adjustable seat makes it possible for the child to face the direction of travel, or their parent/carer. The stroller can also be used in a cafe when adjusted to the height of the table. Additionally, the back wheels can be tilted inwards to aid transport up and down stairs. There is plentiful storage space in the integrated storage bag, and the whole stroller folds down to a compact size.

The design has since been produced by Stokke and has won a RedDot and Award for Good Design.


Stroller concept

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