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STAMI Survey generation program

Effective survey generation

STAMI (Statens Arbeidsmiljøinstitutt) is the National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway. They survey health issues, evaluate elements of risks, and propose preventive measures at the workplace. K8 has worked together with STAMI to create four different prototypes updating and modernising their internal survey administration program.

K8 facilitated two workshops in order to gather insight into the requirements, pain-points, ideas, regulations and expectations for a future surveying system. Through concept development and wireframing, K8 produced a number of proposals which were further refined to satisfy the desired functionality, flow and content through feedback with STAMI.

The four high-fidelity prototypes delivered by K8 focus on four future use scenarios for different stakeholders: employees, contact persons, survey participants and the STAMI admin team. Throughout the development each prototype the terminology was simplified, hierarchy updated and user workflow improved - with the user at the heart of each design.


Statens Arbeidsmiljøinstitutt


Prototypes for tender

Sustainable Development Goals



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