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Smartbird Playuba


SmartBird AS

Explore, create - design the future!

After holding design and architecture workshops in schools around Oslo, founder Vibeke Kirkebø Hegg discovered a lack of Norwegian teaching material on the topic. This led her to come up with an idea for a card-based learning tool which would inspire creative practices in the classroom.

K8 has worked with Vibeke to gather insights from pupils and teachers, further developing the Playuba concept. The design of the custom made box and visual identity has been guided by K8, also helping to facilitate production with Ruud Snekkerverksted and assembly and packing by ByPro.

The final design, now being used in classrooms, inspires creation with it's stylish form and fun orange carry handle. The case provides a clean and easy to access presentation and storage of the playing cards, and is well suited to classroom use.


Card based creativity tool for interactive classroom learning

Sustainable Development Goals



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