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Sensorfact Vibration Sensor

Predictive maintenance

Sensorfact is a Dutch company specialising in smart technology for monitoring energy consumption and the running health of industrial machinery. Their Vibration Sensor can predict the need for maintenance before possible break-down, thus prolonging the life-time and reducing the need for costly and wasteful downtime.

K8 worked together with Sensorfact to redesign the product housing pre-production, simplifying the assembly, reducing the number of parts needed and improving the aesthetics. With a limited timeline before production start-up, concept sketches and renders were rapidly shared, 3D prints were then used in a fast-paced prototyping sprint in order to further evaluate the design. The housing was developed to be water tight with a re-think on assembly giving less steps in the mounting of internal parts and the O-ring. This generated a simpler product architecture, making the device more robust and lowering the threshold for production setup. Additionally, the front housing was designed with a locally thinner wall thickness to allow an internal LED to shine through providing a simple, good looking, and water tight method for user feedback. K8 helped Sensorfact finding a production partner for the front housing and supported in all the steps towards production of the first batch within very short time.

The final outcome is a robust and easy to install device which stands out in an industrial setting with a sleek yet bold aesthetic.




Smart vibration sensor

Sustainable Development Goals



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