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Ruter Landemerke


Ruter AS

Highlighting inner-city transport hubs

Ruter is a publicly owned company responsible for public transport in the Oslo and Akershus region. Together with K8, Ruter explored the need for more prominent signage to highlight transportation hubs, connection points between several transportation methods, from a distance. Helsfyr was chosen for the installation of such signage to be designed together with K8.

The team studied a wide range of public transportation signage in inner-city hubs, presenting several concepts to Ruter. These were evaluated using Augmented Reality (AR) to provide an accurate in-situ visualisation of each concept. K8 then assisted in production of the chosen concept - ''Forest'' which provides a bold focal point to Helsfyr transport hub, visible from many different approaches, both in daylight and night-time.

The final installation consists of a 'forest' of illuminated signs representing the different methods of transport available at Helsfyr. The aim of this design to be adaptable to different transport hubs in the future, each having a slightly different selection of signs and heights based on the hierarchy of transport available - this giving each hub it's own identity.


Illuminated public transport signage

Sustainable Development Goals



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