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Ruter Inclusive travel planning



Universal design for inclusive travel planning

In collaboration with Ruter's digital designers, K8 has developed a small scale test series of self service ticketing and travel planning machine, to be installed in the customer service center at Oslo S. The project involved user research, several test and feedback iterations as well as planning production for the final fully functional prototypes.

Using universal design principles, the initial design phases looked to establish an optimal configuration of hardware, whilst satisfying the ergonomic requirements for a range of different users: travellers including wheelchair users and those with pushchairs, as well as service workers who clean and maintain the machine. Several concept directions were developed, taking into consideration the touch display, card readers and ticket printer, with access to each for the relevant user. Simple mock ups and digital models were made to facilitate dialogue with Ruter and integration of the GUI, whilst also exploring materials, finishes and colour to match Ruter's design language.

A functional 1:1 model was then built at K8 in wood and 3D printed components, integrating the final hardware; this allowed for user testing and final adjustments to the design. Following this, the construction was optimalised for manufacture in sheet metal, calculations were also made to ensure stability and user safety. K8 followed the manufacture of two prototypes with a production partner, ensuring quality control and delivery for the opening of the service center. The self service machines were installed successfully and have been in use since.


Inclusive ticket machine

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