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Respinor DXT User Interface


Respinor AS

Creating visual hierarchy

Alongside the development of the hardware for Respinor's DXT system, K8 has designed the user interface (UI) employed on the control unit. The UI is responsible for effectively communicating the data collected by the sensors into a usable format for aiding diagnostics.

The design process included mapping use scenarios and system wireframing, whilst working with data visualisation and aesthetic requirements. Insight from the ICU environment and clinicians has been fed directly into the design process, allowing first for the correct hierarchy of information to be achieved, then built upon through further development and test iterations.

The resulting interface provides the necessary live data at a glance whilst also allowing the clinician to review trends graphs, flag key events, record patient data and adjust the sensor positioning and graph parameters if needed. A positioning guide is also integrated in the start-up sequence, ensuring that the clinician can simply and effectively place the sensors onto the patient every time.


User interface for Respinor Control Unit

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