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Respinor DXT Sensor Tapes


Respinor AS

In conjunction with the development of Respnor's DXT monitoring system, K8 has worked on the design and production of the sensor tapes - used to adhere the sensors to the patient's body.

With the use of ultrasonic technology there is a need for ultrasound gel to allow for transmission of the sound waves. Under initial testing it was found that clinicians could apply too much or too little gel, thus effecting the quality of signal feedback. Hence the tape was designed with an integrated, pre-determined volume of gel, making for a more straightforward interaction for the clinician and reducing risk of transmission issues. K8 developed the concept, creating prototypes in house and improving the design for usability and production. A set of illustrated instructions for use was also developed for the packaging.

The tape has been tested in clinical trials and is patent protected.


Custom adhesive tape

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