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RePack Residential

Enabling the re-used battery revolution

Repack's mission is to make energy storage accessible and streamlined for use in the home by re-purpsoing second life electric vehicle batteries. The RePack system provides a modular plug-and-play infrastructure which allows for a range of energy storage applications, including reducing peak energy demand, increasing self consumption of solar energy and supporting off-grid systems.

K8 has worked together with RePack to develop the casing for this battery infrastucture, with the aim of creating a unit which can proudly fit into the user's home or off-grid cabin. K8 developed a range of concepts with the aim of creating a unique, modern and attractive aesthetic which can seamlessly fit into any home setting. Additionally, the team wanted to develop a concept which would allow RePack to stand out as a brand and distinugish themselves against the often generic, characterless home storage systems which currently exist on the market.

The chosen design consists of a brushed metal upper section which houses the controls, with a perforated metal base for ventilation. A selection of colourways allows the user to choose a unit which best suits their style. By utilising second-life EV batteries, RePack estimates to have a 95% lower carbon footprint than systems based on new batteries. We are excited to see development and implentation of RePack's work in the future!


RePack AS


Housing for at home energy storage

Sustainable Development Goals



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