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RabMed Ampuseal


RabMed AS

Improving the use of glass ampoules

The glass ampoule is the most commonly used method for storing injectable pharmaceuticals - providing a tamperproof, inert and cost effective solution worldwide. However, break-off glass ampoules pose a number of problems to healthcare workers; needle-stick, loss or contamination to the contents and exposure to the broken glass edge. K8 has worked together with RabMed, a start-up founded by paramedics Martin Vollen and Thomas Ulekleiv, to develop their concept for a needle-free transfer and protection cap which can be used on a number of different ampoule sizes.

K8 worked closely with Martin and Thomas to evaluate the initial concept and develop it into a fully functional product suitable for clinical trials. Employing in-house small scale production of silicone parts, K8 has been able to iterate and refine the design down to the smallest detail through an iterative design and engineering based process.

Ampuseal showcases an innovative use of silicone, exploiting the mechanical properties of a single material the product automatically mounts, protects and seals against the sharp edge of the opened ampule with one small push. Pharmaceuticals can then be drawn from the ampule with a syringe only – negating the use of a needle.


Needle free connection for glass ampoules

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