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Ocean Bottle Scanner


Ocean Bottle

Enabling impact multiplication

To support the NFC enabled Ocean Bottle, the Ocean Scanner was developed for use in cafes and other refill touch points. User research, product and interaction design and production management was carried out by K8.

The goal was to produce a small test series implementing 3D printing and readily available components, this would allow Ocean Bottle to carry out a feasibility study and gather feedback from users. The design language was kept simple, a hint to the minimalistic design of the bottle itself, with the top surface allowing for additional graphic material depending on the test location. Utilising the LEDs already integrated into the PCBs, lightguides were designed such that these could be used to communicate a successful scan to the user, as well as any troubleshooting to cafe staff via a light guide placed in the base.

The scanner was successfully launched in Gail's, a London based cafe and bakery chain. We look forward to seeing how the scanner integrates into Ocean Bottle's digital platform, helping to collect more ocean plastic with each purchase or refill.


NFC scanner

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