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Ocean Bottle Packaging


Ocean Bottle

Primary and secondary packaging in one

As part of the design process for the original 0.5L Ocean Bottle K8 developed a packaging design for the product launch, which has since been adapted for other products in the range.

With the initial launch through crowdfunding, Ocean Bottle wished to find a packaging design that would facilitate the shipment of individually ordered bottles through e-commerce and act as on-shelf packaging for retail. Naturally, a key requirement was to avoid any plastic in the packaging design, focusing on materials that are both light to transport, robust, and fully recyclable after use. Additionally, the packaging was to communicate the Ocean Bottle mission with ample space for information and graphics whilst presenting a satisfying and exciting unboxing.

The design underwent multiple iterations, benefiting from K8's workshop facilities with laser cutting, printing, and assembly capabilities. Rigorous testing, including drop tests and assessments of finish wear during simulated transport, ensured its reliability. The packaging was even sent from K8 to Ocean Bottle's London office and back to assess its endurance and ease of attaching postage labels and stamps.

For the 1L bottle, adjustments were made to accommodate the increased weight, subject to the same testing protocol. The resulting design is a sturdy, single-material box that can be easily flattened for recycling, without any need for glue in its construction. It simplifies postal orders by allowing postage labels to be attached directly to the exterior.


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