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Ocean Bottle GO


Ocean Bottle

Quick sipping on the GO!

Adding to the Ocean Bottle family, the GO lid can be interchanged with the original cap on the 0.5L Ocean Bottle. The aim of the design was to increase the functionality of the original bottle without the need to own several separate products - also in conjunction with the BREW lid, the 0.5L metal base covered a wide range of use cases.

It was decided to focus on only switching out the cap of the original bottle, giving the most sustainable intervention by requiring less material overall. Following market and user research, a flip spout solution was selected, giving an easy, reliable and familiar drinking experience. Again, a core specification was to minimise the product complexity in order to achieve a sleek, robust and easy to maintain design. Through an iterative prototyping and testing process, the design was refined for production accounting for the user experience of easily opening and closing the spout, and a satisfying flow rate of liquid when drinking in the tilted position and through the optional silicone straw.

The GO lid continues to expand Ocean Bottle modular system of products, increasing the impact of plastic collection across the world!


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