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Ocean Bottle BREW


Ocean Bottle

A HOT update to the original Ocean Bottle

Following the successful launch of the 0,5L and 1L bottles, K8 worked together with the Ocean Bottle team to define future products for the brand. After gathering insight from current users, market research and mapping, the shortlist was narrowed down to a hot drinks lid to directly add functionality to the original 0.5L bottle.

K8 carried out extensive research into the drinking experience of hot drinks in relation to enclosed thermally insulated flasks, interviewing users, baristas and testing pre-existing products. Understanding the challenges with consuming hot drinks, often in an on-the-go setting, and related requirements, was a key starting point for the product design process. Additionally, a strong aim for the product was to minimise the number of parts thus making cleaning much simpler and the design less dependant on small parts which are easy to misplace. The opening and sealing mechanism is unique on the market and engineered to provide a simple user interaction without risk of spills.

The resulting BREW lid design expands the functionality of the Ocean Bottle, giving an easy to open 360 drinking experience, insulated lid, indicator ring to show when the top is open and a simple disassembly mechanism to allow for quick cleaning between uses - all whilst reflecting and strengthening the OB brand aesthetic.


Lid for hot drinks

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