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Ocean Bottle 0,5L

Small bottle, big impact

The Ocean Bottle concept was first introduced to K8 in early 2018 by founder William Pearson. In order to help put a stop to ocean plastic, William and his team came up with a systematic solution to incentivise plastic recycling, whilst reducing the need for single use plastics. A drinking flask which, by using NFC scanning technology and blockchain transactions, generates income for plastic collectors around the world, stopping plastic from entering the oceans.

K8 assisted William and his team in designing the ultimate reusable drinking flask; beginning with a thorough market analysis, user insight gathering and development of design goals. The design has then be taken through a rigorous development process, assessing use scenarios, branding and aesthetics, material choice and design for manufacture. K8 has also assisted in design of the bottle's packaging, testing of the NFC technology and facilitated manufacturing management of the bottle.

The Ocean Bottle was successfully launched on Indiegogo in Spring 2019, with the sale of each bottle contributing to the collection of 11.4kg of plastic, stopping it from entering the oceans. A total of 1,228,028kg of ocean bound plastic has been collected to date (12.03.2021) through partnership with The Plastic Bank. For more information about the Ocean Bottle, check out their website.


Ocean Bottle


Insulated drinking flask

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