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Kristiansund kommune Sundbåten KS


KKS Sundbåten

Re-imagining the Sunbåt

Sundbåten is the longest running public transport company in the world, established in 1876, connecting the island-town of Kristiansund. Møre Maritime approached us to create a concept for the next generation of Sundbåt passenger ferries. The concept for the new ferry is based on the technological research carried out by Møre Maritime together with Maritime Robotics, Apoint and Elmarin.

Developing a next generation of the Sundbåten, the team was eager to capture the character and identity from a rich legacy of previous ferries, simultaneously communicating the new autonomous technology and a modern presence.

The concept is founded on re-thinking the use of a passenger ferry; tailoring not only to a comfortable and convenient journey but including adaptable solutions for use as a conference or performance space, cafe/serving bar and an accessible rooftop area - improving the sight-seeing element of water-based commuting. The layout of the ferry is based on regulatory framework and universal design principles and considers the passenger flow and access for the captain and crew.

The final design represents a meeting point between traditional boat design and modern autonomous technology, integrating a smart layout which caters to a variety of use scenarios. The ferry is expected to launch in 2023.


Autonomous passenger ferry concept for Kristiansund kommune

Sustainable Development Goals



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