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Exhalation Technology Inflammacheck


Exhalation Technology

Revolutionising the monitoring of pulmonary illnesses

Zimmer and Peacock, working together with Exhalation Technology, have developed technology to monitor inflammation in the pulmonary system from exhaled breath. This non-invasive test method allows for early diagnosis, and monitoring, of illnesses such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). K8 has worked closely together with Zimmer and Peacock to implement this technology into the Inflammacheck device.

Due to the various sensors, heating and cooling systems, PCBAs and battery capacity, the design demanded a complex internal architecture. Together with the client, K8 developed a structure which was both compact and easy to use in a handheld form factor. From here the design has been taken through many iterative refinement stages in order to optimise the assembly, component structure and shape of the PCBAs - as well as the user journey and experience. Additionally, K8 has assisted in test studies with the device in order to achieve the most reliable results from the technology.

The final Inflammacheck design has been driven by considering each interaction with the device in detail, including those who assemble the device, clinicians, patients and buyers. Through use of advanced 3D printing methods small scale production has been enabled allowing the device to achieve CE certification.


Monitoring device for patients with pulmonary illness

Sustainable Development Goals



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