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ExAC SimDoll



Aorta compression simulation doll

ExAC is a Norwegian start-up developing tools and simulators for aortic compression. K8 has collaborated with founder, Grethe Heitmann, in the development of the External Aortic Compression simulation doll. This doll enables healthcare workers to train on how to best perform aortic compression and uterine massage in the treatment of postpartum haemorrhaging (PPH).

The simulation doll is modelled to accurately replicate the relevant anatomy; spine, aorta, ribs, hips and soft tissue whilst also incorporating a heart beat simulation using an inbuilt diaphragm pump. Whilst feeling for a pulse in the groin, the user can then practice compression of the aorta against the spine, which effectively stops blood flow to the lower abdomen - a potentially lifesaving intervention. The simulation doll can also be used to train uterine massage which stimulates the uterus to contract post partum.

Through training with the simulation doll, the goal is to improve the confidence of healthcare workers to manage emergency situations and improve quality of patient care.


Simulation doll

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