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El-Bjorn Alfa range



Durable utility for marinas

K8 has worked across the Alfa range of utility pillars for use in marinas; providing light, electricity and water to moored boats. Following the success of Alfa-I, launched in 2005, K8 worked again with EL-Bjorn to update the hardware, optimizing installation and service friendliness for the Alfa-II.

The core design of Alfa-II allows for various configurations of power supply and outlets depending on the customers need, through a modular upper section. Additionally, they can be equipped with electricity meters, water tap and hose holder, which can easily be retrofitted. The Alfa range incorporates LED lighting which provides downlighting to marina pontoons, when placed at regular intervals the columns provide a lighted pathway for safely moving through the marina in darker conditions. The aluminium column is anodized to tolerate sea air and water, with a durable top of glass filled PA.


Marina utility pillar

Sustainable Development Goals



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