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ConceptoMed Luer-Jack

Needlestick safety

During an arthrocentesis procedure a syringe is repeatedly disconnected from the firmly attached needle in the patient's knee. Christian Mide, founder of ConceptoMed, discovered the need for a simpler method for disconnection which would improve aseptic safety and patient comfort. K8 has worked extensively to bring this idea to life.

From a simple paper clip prototype, to fully functioning final product K8 has assisted in the design of this medical device. The Luer-Jack® provides a method of simply disconnecting the needle from the syringe with the front mounted lever. This allows the clinician to use one hand, enhancing sterility and workflow and negating the risk of unnecessary movement of the needle, thus reducing patient pain.

In addition to the Luer-Jack®, K8 has also designed the innovative Steri-Tilt™ packaging for the product, allowing for increased sterility when handling the syringe.




Device for needlestick safety and aseptic delivery of services

Sustainable Development Goals



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