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Bright SunTurtle

Improving off-grid lives


Bright Products AS


Lightweight solar lamp

Sustainable Development Goals

Following the success of the SunBell+D20 and founding of Bright Products AS, K8 worked with Bright to develop SunTurtle, a more compact and affordable solar lamp alternative.

Just like it's predecessor, the aim with SunTurtle was to make a multifunctional solar lamp which would fit perfectly into a wide variety of scenarios for off-grid users. Drawing on insight from the SunBell design process, K8 wanted to design a solar lamp which could adapt to the resources the user had available. This lead to the design of a carry loop which could fit to the neck the majority of plastic water bottles, negating the need for a separate stand. The angled loop also allows the lamp to be hung from a hook on the wall, or secured to a bag for easy carrying.

The FlexFoot was also designed to provide a custom stand, also allowing users to hook the lamp to the wall or ceiling, but collapsing for convenient storage if not needed.



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