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Bright SunBell


Bright Products AS

Improving health, education and access to clean energy

The idea for the SunBell solar lamp was first conceptualised by K8 following a company cabin trip in 2007. Since then, the concept has been developed and refined through thousands of hours of research and testing, taking founder Marius Andresen and colleagues all over the world. From off-grid research trips to prize winning pitches in Colorado, the company Bright Products was eventually founded in 2011, taking SunBell into production and international distribution through their work with the UN.

The SunBell solar lamp is designed with a number of unique solutions allowing it to fit into daily use. The lamp can be hung from the wall or ceiling, providing ambient lighting, or used as a desk lamp for more focused work. It can also be used as a torch or hands free solution if worn around the neck. The solar panel charges in around 7 hours of good sunlight, allowing light in the evening time and phone charging via the integrated USB port.

SunBell is a multi award winning lamp, shipping over 2.6 million units worldwide and providing clean energy to off-grid communities, or those who choose to be less dependent on the electrical grid.


Multifunctional solar lamp with mobile charger

Sustainable Development Goals




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