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Expanding the impact of Bright Products

Following the success of the multifunctional solar lamp Sunbell, Bright Products came together with K8 to develop a more compact and efficient solar powered lamp and phone charger. The new design was to allow for more flexible off-grid living, creating a device which could be used on the move and carried with ease.

K8 focused on the user scenarios related to portability, convenient charging and use both at home or on the move. The design incorporates a simple stand and hook which allows the lamp to be angled towards the sun for the most efficient charging, or carried on a backpack whilst travelling. The stand also allows hanging from the ceiling, wall or simply placing on a desk for different light giving needs. The lamp has three different light intensities to accommodate different use scenarios, as well as incorporating a smart feedback system to communicate battery level and solar charging indicator.

K8 has worked from inital sketches to the engineering of the device, designing a product with minimal components making it both cost effective and robust in use. The design facilitates for more convenient off-grid living in communities without stable power supply as well as travellers, camping enthusiasts, or simply for use at home.


Solar lamp and phone charger

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