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Bright Products AS

Flexible solar energy system for off-grid homes

Bright Products wanted to expand their range of solar devices with a lighting and charging system offering greater capacity for permeant use in off-grid homes. K8 worked together with Bright to investigate the user needs of families living in off-grid communities in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, leading to an in-depth specification list for the eventual design.

K8 developed a range of prototypes to test out the desired function, taking an interactive and hands on approach to the design of the main battery console, light switches and user interface. The final design incorporates different light settings to suit the required ambience in the room, this is user controlled by a simple switch which can be wall mounted. An integrated shelf allows the user to conveniently store their phone whilst charging.

The final design is a simple to install system consisting of a solar panel, which is installed on the users roof, and up to three plug in lamps and two ports for phone charging. With in-depth field research, the team has been able to create simple design which allows for adaptability according to different user groups. In addition, K8 has designed the Home packaging to allow sellers to easily communicate the function of the product whilst making it easy to transport.


Solar power supply

Sustainable Development Goals



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