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Bright Display

Showcasing the multifunctionality of Bright products

K8 was invited to design a retail solution for displaying Bright products at Hyttetorget stores around Norway.

Allowing customers to interact with the products was a key requirement - showcasing the various functionalities of the BRIGHT product range - Sunbell, SunTurtle and Move. The top section of the display invites testing of each product and their unique configurations. The storage section is designed to be flexible to varying stock and addition of future products, being designed with a grid of hook attachments on the back and side walls - allowing adjustment as required. In order to create impact in store, the products are intended to be switched on, this of course requires charging which is facilitated in the bottom section of the display unit, with charging via USB and a light panel for purely solar charged products.

The display units were manufactured and assembled locally in Oslo, combining off the shelf components and parts made in house at K8. This allowed the displays to be completed from initial sketch to delivered product in just 2.5 months.


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