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Aidee HyperSension

Aiming to change the way we measure blood pressure and diagnose patients

Aidee's upcoming product HyperSension is aiming to present an accurate measurement of blood pressure over long periods of time through the use of sophisticated sensor technology. Their goal is to enable practitioners across the globe to more precisely diagnose hypertension. It will also benefit athletes and individuals seeking deeper knowledge of the circulatory system.

K8 has been working together with Aidee on co-developing their chest-mounted blood pressure monitor. The proprietary technology, which has been developed by Aidee in collaboration with SINTEF, has made it possible to think of new ways to place the product on a patient's body. Whereas conventional blood pressure monitors measure the blood pressure of a patient through an arm-worn cuff, HyperSension is discreetly placed on the patients chest.

The design consists of a medical-grade textile belt and the HyperSension sensors which are housed inside a medical-grade plastic housing.

The project, which is currently undergoing clinical trials, will initially be available as a medical product for general practitioners and doctors offices. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Aidee and its implementation into the market!



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