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 Health Sprint


Are you a medical startup looking for product design services within Norway?

We can help you! Through membership with Aleap you can get a funded 'Health Sprint' package with the aim of strategically applying design thinking to provide a broad overview of your target user, market and service or product concept.

The design sprint is typically held over two weeks and takes the form of workshops and collaborative sessions which are pre-planned to suit the company/startup. This is a form of working which aims to quickly and effectively evaluate the next steps in development including concept generation, highlighting of technical difficulties and strategic placement for eventual market entry. As every idea and startup is different, the aims for a health sprint will vary, thus we will help you to tailor the sprint to suit your needs.


We have carried out a number of health sprints and find that they are very rewarding for our clients. With many years experience within medical device design, we have an understanding of what it takes to get a medical product to market and the requirements and standards involved. At our design office in Oslo we have rapid prototyping facilities, a workshop and small electronics lab in addition to our 'Mock ICU' which has proven very useful for prototyping various user journeys together with our clients. 

If this service sounds interesting to you, get in touch with us:

Additionally, see Aleap's home page for more information about membership:

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