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Ruter Pylons

Robust, visible and easy to maintain

Ruter approached K8 with the brief of further developing their on-street signage, making it more cost effective, robust and easier to maintain.

K8 began the design process by gathering input from installation and maintenance personnel, which directly fed into the updated product requirements. Production models and prototypes allowed the design to be tested out and refined through an iterative process.

Building on the previous design and assessments with the production company, the Pylons have been updated to a more modular design, allowing simpler adaption to different public transport stops. Parts which may need to be replaced or updated are easy to access or adjust. The Pylon has been made more water-tight and a proven system for air ventilation has been implemented to avoid condensation on the glass panels. The design can now be seen on the streets of Oslo.


Ruter AS


On-street public transport signs

Sustainable Development Goals



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