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Respinor DXT Hardware


Respinor AS

Respinor's DXT technology employs ultrasonic sensing to passively monitor breathing parameters of patients on mechanical ventilation in intensive care. The system provides an aid to clinicians in determining weaning readiness (removal of the breathing support).

K8 has worked together with Respinor since 2016, starting with a DIP project to gather key insights from clinicians and the intensive care unit setting. Following initial concept work, K8 has assisted in designing, making and producing small series of components allowing for Respinor to further develop and enhance their technology. The control unit and sensors have been designed according to the requirements for medical use adhering to ISO60601 standards. Development work has included selection of materials for biocompatibility, design for impact resistance, IP rating, electrical insulation and air cooling, as well as design of all components to meet mass production requirements. Design work has also covered accompanying packaging, illustrations for instructions for use and management of initial production.

The DXT system, now being tested in clinical trials, provides live feedback on patients' wellbeing during the weaning process, reducing the risk for premature removal of the ventilator, thus ensuring a more successful and faster recovery.


Control unit and sensors

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