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Ocean Bottle 1L


Ocean Bottle

Expanding the Ocean Bottle family

Following the successful launch of their 0.5L drinking flask, Ocean Bottle wanted to expand their range whilst increasing the plastic collection impact of the company. With each bottle sold a donation is made to the Plastic Bank who fund the collection of plastic where there is a high risk of it entering the Ocean, simultaneously providing local, well paid jobs and recycling infrastructure. K8 worked together with the Ocean Bottle team to strategically define their next product and, together with feedback from customers, it was decided to create a bottle with greater capacity.

K8 took the design of the original bottle and adjusted it to allow for a 1L capacity. The proportions of the design were fine tuned, giving the bigger bottle it's own personality and balanced look. The team then worked directly with production; preparing files for tooling, making necessary adjustments and following up with first out of tool testing.

The 'Big Ocean Bottle' aka BOB, launched on Kickstarter September 2021, successfully surpassing their goal and securing the collection of the equivalent of 6 million ocean bound plastic bottles! K8 is proud to be a partner of Ocean Bottle and looks forward to working together on future additions to the range.


1L Insulated drinking flask

Sustainable Development Goals



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