Mills Cap

Improving user experience and market presence through design


Mills AS


Cap for Mills tube

Sustainable Development Goals

Mills is a Norwegian family-owned food company - providing toppings and spreads to the Norwegian market since 1885. K8 has worked together with Mills to update the cap on their mayonnaise and caviar tubes with the brief of improving the customer experience, ergonomics and market presence.

The new cap was to fit to the existing aluminium tubes with minimal changes to the production and filling line. K8 worked together with Mills to gather input from user focus groups, allowing the team to generate concepts and prototypes. These physical models were then tested and a small sale production series was set up by K8 following a detailed engineering phase. This allowed the design and materials to be tested in more detail before continuing with greater production runs. K8 also assisted Mills though the patent application to protect the design.

The final design is now on the market - providing a unique double nozzle experience, allowing thick or thin application of mayonnaise. The cap is also designed to allow the tube to stand upright or hang in store displays. The size of the cap has been designed to allow a more ergonomic grip, whilst also ensuring that it does not pose a chocking hazard to young children.